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For many years the Kirlin Charitable Foundation has worked hard to actively serve the needs of our community. Our passion for children, their education, and the health and strength of their families, has shaped the foundationís vision and focus.

The Kirlin Charitable Foundation aspires to be an active, creative and loving voice for young people through the support of innovative solutions to social challenges. In the spirit of venture philanthropy, we foster an entrepreneurial culture wherein risk-taking is welcome; research is respected; and through effective collaboration, we leverage our finances, time and talents as creative partners in social change. We work hard to help develop programs of key social importance; we do our best to inform others of successful models; and when appropriate and invited, we freely offer technical assistance to help in their replication. In this way, we gratefully return the warm and unrestrained support we have received from the philanthropic and social change community of the Pacific Northwest, and hopefully encourage more strategic and effective giving to our region and our world.

We welcome you to explore our website, meet those with whom we have partnered, and most importantly, discover ways in which you can get involved.


Daniel Kranzler, Board President




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